Kayle Elliott

Director of Business Development

My love of floating started seven years ago when I stumbled upon a float spa in California. After receiving countless benefits from my very first float; including a profound impact on my emotional regulation, tension in my body, and overall mood, I felt called to share the magic of floating with others. I set out on a journey to passionately study, research, and support float spa owners in every way that I could. I began investigating Floatation-REST as a novel intervention for reducing anxiety and depression under the National Institute of Health with Dr. Justin Feinstein at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research and I helped open Vive Float Studio in Denver, CO in 2018. In addition to working with Float Pod, I work as a mental health therapist and am currently incorporating floating as a therapeutic intervention with my clients. 

As the director of business development at Float Pod, I am focused on supporting future float tank owners in whatever way they need. As someone who has introduced floating to hundreds of novel floaters and owns my own home tank, I feel very connected to this modality and am excited to share the potential that floating has to optimize the human experience with others. I operate as a lead contact for potential customers through our entire sales process and provide them with the necessary wisdom and tools they will need to run a successful business in the Floating Industry.  

  • 7 years in the Health and Wellness Industry (Float Therapy Focused) 
  • BA in Psychology, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
Kayle Elliott, Float Pod Technologies