Cawthon Brown

Founder & CEO

As the CEO of Float Pod, I am responsible for overseeing the overall strategy and direction of the company. This includes managing the day to day operations, such as order fulfillment, logistics, and technical support. After returning to Float Pod in 2018, I have been focused on improving our customers’ overall experience by implementing Zendesk, including the Help Center for self-service, a ticketing system for managing technical support requests, CRM for customer relations management, and a phone system for inbound and outbound calling/texting.

I am very passionate about mental and physical health and believe that failure is a valuable learning opportunity. I want to impact the float industry in multiple areas and am focused on improving our product, processes and systems for a better overall experience with Float Pod.

With 8+ years of experience with Float Pod, and 10 years in the Health and Wellness Industry (Float Therapy Focused) and being a Certified Pool Operator (CPO), as well as studying Mechanical Engineering, I am well equipped to lead the company to success and continue to improve customers’ experience with Float Pod.

“I have to tell you that Cawthon was amazing. He turned the Titanic into the Queen Mary. My wife, daughter and I were so impressed with him that we are thinking about doing a third tank but the open one not the Pod in our extra room. I have 250 employees in 5 states and Cawthon is as good as any management personnel I have.” -Ed Obrien with Serenity Waters

“Just a short note to let you know how well the install and training went with Cawthon. Much like the sales process, the final step went perfectly. We feel ready to roll and absolutely no issues with getting the pod up and running. I know I’ll be reaching out for that second one in no time.” – Marco DiMayorca with Revivify

Cawthon Brown