Resolve to Reset: Reach Your Goals in 2017 with Flotation Therapy

Looking to make a life change in 2017? No matter your resolution, flotation therapy can give you the physical, mental, and creative boost you need to reach your goal with ease.

Get In Shape: Trying to keep up with a new gym regimen? The Epsom salts used for floating have been proven to help heal sore and injured muscles by relaxing the body, reducing lactic acid build up, and naturally realigning the spine. The secret is in the salt – a 30% magnesium sulfate solution eases muscle tension, reduces inflammation, and draws impurities out of the body. By relaxing the mind and body while the Epsom salts go to work, mild to moderate aches can be relieved in only one session, while chronic pain is diminished with routine floats.

Professional and amateur athletes alike have started utilizing flotation as a training tool, finding the flotation offers the ideal atmosphere for performance visualization, a technique that research shows can strengthen neural pathways and boost muscle function by up to 35%.

Enhance Creativity: While you may have your own path to inspiration, there’s a reason float therapy kicks creativity basics into the major leagues: Active Rest. We’re not just talking about taking time to sit and think – floating is one of the most effective ways to shift our brains into a prolonged Theta wave state.

Historically, Theta brain waves were primarily observed in fleeting moments between sleep and wake, or occasionally during periods of meditation. Even then, researchers noted that only Zen monks with many years of meditative practice were able to achieve controlled periods of Theta wave activity. However, the environment experienced while floating has proven to be extremely conducive to Theta wave engagement; even first-time floaters often experience an extended period of Theta wave functioning.

Beyond relaxation, Theta waves are associated with unconscious memories, free association, insight, and inspiration. Theta waves are to your brain what spinach is for Popeye, providing a huge psychological boost to your creative practice.

Reduce Stress: If you’re looking for more life balance after a stressful holiday season, look no further than the float spa. A one-hour float therapy session lowers blood pressure and reduces cortisol (the “stress hormone”), allowing the mind to fall into a state of deep relaxation. The result: A rested mind, a buoyant mood, and a readiness to tackle day-to-day stressors with ease.

Still think all you need is an hour away from your e-mail to reap the relaxation benefits? Think again. Early results from LIBR’s Float Clinic and Research Center in Tulsa have seen positive outcomes for those experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and disordered eating. Participants in these exploratory studies not only report feeling better after three floats, but results from fMRI and EEG scans taken both before and after floating support claims that flotation has a real impact on our brains.

Make Resolutions Stick: No matter how simple your goals may sound at the outset, most of us find ourselves struggling to stick with it by February. Even small changes to your daily routine can feel physically and mentally taxing – muscle pain, psychological overload, and spiritual exhaustion commonly derail even the most well-intentioned routines. Knock out all of your habit-busting excuses in one fell swoop with a trip to the spa. By taking an hour to float, you allow your mind and body to hit the reset button, gaining energy, mental clarity, and shaking off any aches and pains that keep you sidelined.

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