Making the Most of Mp3 Integration

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Because the Float Pod® has multiple music abilities you can control guest’s music, or allow them to bring their own. With this freedom there are a variety of ways to make the most of Mp3 integration!

Empower guests to explore further avenues of flotation’s potential by encouraging them to bring in any type of audio they can imagine…

Guided Meditation/Affirmations

The Float Pod® is the perfect place for guests to bring and experience a guided meditation. Once the brain begins producing Theta waves, an ideal meditative state is entered—as a result we are more open to suggestion and visual and auditory cues. Floating has the advantage of maintaining an aware “awakeness” in this state, whereas we are likely to fall asleep otherwise.

This same deeply relaxed Theta state is sought out by hypnotherapy-based techniques, which thrive in the deepest relaxation possible. Bringing in recordings of affirmations and positive suggestions can be more easily assimilated when the brain is in this state!

It is said that “greater conscious effort = less subconscious response”—thus the effortless experience of a float is perfect for therapies that seek access to this part of the brain.

Speeches, Rehearsals Dance Routines

While in the deeply relaxed state of a float, we gain greater access to our ability to envision and imagine.

Visualization while floating isn’t just for athletes—who have been using the tool for years to imagine themselves making the play, winning the game and more—it can enhance any type of performance. Speeches, presentations, dance routines and more are just a few examples. Using the Mp3 integration allows guests the opportunity to bring in the supporting audio for visualization (such as the song or a recording of a speech)

Super Learning

Have you heard of Super Learning? It’s been found that the ideal state to retain and learn information in is one in which we are relaxed—yet aware. Sound familiar? Yes, the Float Pod® is built for this, as well.

When the brain is in an Alpha or Theta brainwave state, our ability to learn material is enhanced. In the super learning state connections are more easily made, information is better assimilated and retention is higher!

Flotation is recognized as the easiest way to enter this state and remain conscious. Other techniques to slow the brain waves, such as deep breathing and closing the eyes are easy to bring into a float session as well.

Bring the audio you are ready to learn—whether it be a language, music or other and hook it right into your Float Pod® to experience super learning for yourself.

Whatever audio you and your clients wish to experience, visualize or learn— the unique state offered by flotation and the Mp3 integration that comes standard with the Float Pod work hand in hand to provide it for you on the deepest level possible.

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