Introducing: Custom Filtration Systems from Float Pod®!

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Float Pod is excited to announce that we are taking “custom” to a whole new level in the flotation industry.


We are now offering customized filters built to the standard of your municipality!

The varying requirements for health standards across the nation can make it tricky to find a flotation device that meets the unique needs of where you live. From Tennessee to Florida to Washington—what is needed may be entirely different.

Rather than simply tailor to the majority, we have chosen to cater to the needs of each interested party, no matter their geographical location.

Since our formation in 2013 we have been committed to both ease and customization with our Float Pod design—for both you and your clients. Offering under-body heaters, and unique lights and music options standard allows clients to modify their session to their taste. Our easy to change filter, low condensation and a 2-way intercom were implemented to enhance the experience of you, the Float Pod Owner.

With this new offering, we are excited to bring flotation even further into the mainstream and into your unique community, by making Float Pod ownership easier and more accessible to all.

Whatever the requirements of your local arena, Float Pod—alongside our manufacturing partners at Royal Spa, will create a filtration system to accommodate your needs. Need your water turned over 5 times? We’ve got you covered. Is a Brominator required for your Pod? No problem.

To get started planning the filtration you need we will connect you with one of our Sales Representatives (click here to contact).

We look forward to helping you spread your love of flotation even further!

Thank you, as always, for your interest in the Technology of Feeling Great™.

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