Feeling Super for the Super Bowl: Float Pod Welcomes Both Teams to Float!

Float Pod® was thrilled to welcome both the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots for floats this week! Both teams made time almost daily to come float in our corporate showroom and at local Float Spa, True REST Tempe—who have 4 of our pods.

The New England Patriots credited Tom Brady—who owns his very own Float Pod, for the suggestion to use Float Pod and True REST as their flotation hub while in town for the game.

Seahawk Player #82, Luke Willson with the Float Pod Team
From Left: Float Pod Sports and Fitness Sales Director John Willhoite, Float Pod Corporate Administrator Gizel Seahawks #82, Luke Willson and Float Pod Technical Manager Cawthon

Who floated? New England Patriots players #11, WR Julian Edelman, #18, SPTM Matthew Slater, #46, RB James Develin, #62, C Ryan Wendell, #77, LOT Nate Solder, and #43, SPTM Nate Ebner, among others, all enjoyed restorative sessions throughout the week.

True REST Patriot Float
From Left: The Float Pod, True REST Float Consultant Loretta and Patriots #18 Matthew Slater

From the Seattle Seahawks roster we were excited to welcome #88, TE Tony Moeaki, #82, TE Luke Willson, #4, KFG Steve Hauschka and #62, G Drew Nowak, among others, for their own flotation sessions.

Float Pod and Luke Willson
From Left: Float Pod Sports and Fitness Sales Director John Willhoite, Seahawks #82, Luke Willson and Float Pod Chief Operating Officer Jill Willhoite

While their use of flotation may not be widely known—it’s a major part of their training lifestyles; more than half of the Patriots float, and some—like #11, PR Julian Edelman choose to float every single day.

Flotation tanks are already present in some teams’ home training facilities—including the Patriots, who we discovered are expanding their space to include even more flotation tanks.

After seeing the Float Pod, New England Patriots Head Conditioning Coach, Harold Nash expressed his fondness for it’s compact filter—he noted that where only one competing tank would fit in the team’s training facilities, two Float Pods could be placed—increasing players access to this therapy that some players use daily.

The Seahawks also shared with us their avid use of flotation therapy; we learned that much of the team floats several times per week in their home town.

From Left: True REST/Float Pod Founders Holly and Nick Janicki and Seahawks #62 Drew Nowak

With teams clearing space for larger numbers of tanks—and individual players investing in their own Float Pods, there’s more than a little something to this deeply relaxing tool.

After welcoming both teams at Float Pod Headquarters and True REST Tempe this week, it’s evident that flotation is a huge part of these professional athletes training regimens.

So, what does flotation therapy offer for these professional sportsmen?

Injury Prevention and Recovery:

With 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salt present in each Float Pod, muscles can finally fully relax. This allows the muscles to loosen and helps to drastically minimize the risk of injury when players hit the field.

Reduced Lactic Acid Production:

When lactic acid—created by the muscles during exercise—accumulates in the body cramps, tiredness, lack of concentration, and pain can occur. Flotation has been shown to reduce lactic acid in the body by flushing it out of the muscles quicker.

Muscle Tone Stimulation:

Though training stimulates muscles substantially, muscle strengthening and growth actually happens when the body is relaxed. Flotation therapy provides some of the deepest relaxation possible.

Minimized Pain:

Studies have shown that removing gravity’s impact on the body allows for quicker recovery and minimization of pain. For this reason flotation is not only a great tool for athletes, but also draws many clients who deal with the daily reality of chronic pain.

With game-changing benefits like these, it’s no wonder that the best in the game choose to utilize flotation therapy, even in what is surely the busiest week of their year.

Pro Athlete or not flotation therapy has a myriad of benefits for you—ready to invest in your wellness with a Float Pod of your own? Contact Us.

Or find the nearest Float Pod to you!

Game on!

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