Cubs Find Focus with Flotation Therapy

The Chicago Cubs are enjoying an historic World Series win in the comfort of their new training facility. Among the list of state-of-the-art amenities included in the new facility is a float pod [...]

The Medical Benefits of Magnesium Sulfate

Whether you come from a family of naturopaths, a long line of medical school grads, or you were regularly instructed to just “walk it off,” you probably noticed a bag of Epsom salts stashed in [...]

Introducing: The Float Pod Cast

Calling all passionate entrepreneurs and lovers of float therapy! We’re excited to announce the launch of The Float Pod Cast —hosted by Nick Janicki—founder and owner of Float Pod [...]

Making the Most of Mp3 Integration

Because the Float Pod® has multiple music abilities you can control guest’s music, or allow them to bring their own. With this freedom there are a variety of ways to make the most of Mp3 [...]

The Science of Floating for Pain Relief

It is constantly demonstrated in float spas around the world that floating can tremendously impact pain and speed healing time. Despite the testimonials of many, scientific data is important to [...]

InSPAration: Float Journal

Testimonials are a fantastic way to share what your clients have to say about floating—but the fresh experience may diminish in the time it takes guests to type a review or get on camera. The [...]

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