Float Pod Technologies manufactures and distributes flotation therapy products such as float pods (aka float tanks), float pools (aka float rooms) and residential float tanks both to businesses and consumers. Float Pods are used for meditation, healing, anxiety relief, chronic pain relief, muscle recovery and much more.

Float Pod’s mission is to provide the highest quality and most advanced flotation products on the market. We believe sensory deprivation is a phenomenal practice to incorporate into your lifestyle and want to spread the practice of floating to the world.

Float Pods are sensory deprivation tanks that simulate a zero gravity sensory free environment, allowing your mind and body to be removed from all stimulus and distractions. In this environment an opportunity is created to calm your body and mind, resulting in true rest and relaxation.


Float Pod was born out of the need for a reliable, modern, US based float tank aka Float Pod. After researching the overall market it became obvious that simple enhancements such as lighting and music should be included for general consumer acceptance. Floating was a fairly unknown concept as a luxury spa-like treatment up until recently.

The first Float tanks were invested by John C Lilly in the 1950’s and gained some traction in the 80’s. Since then the therapy has remained dormant. Over the last few years we have experienced a reappearance of the therapy for use in recovery, relaxation, pain relief, and for those with PTSD, anxiety or depression. We believe floating will become mainstream much like massage or chiropractic.