Float Pod®: The Most Popular Float Tank in the Industry!

No payment for the first 90 days!
Then just $535 per month!


Starting a new business?

Float Pod® can help! our expert team will guide you through the process. We are invested in your success.

Already operating a float business?

Adding a Float Pod® to your existing business can increase monthly revenue by up to $10,000 with minimal monthly expenses.
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Why Float Pod Technologies?

The simple answer is because we care. We care about your success, we care about our customers, our products and we care about the float community. The float therapy industry is an amazing industry and as a team we are thrilled to be a part of it.


As one of the first and oldest USA based flotation companies, Float Pod Technologies has been an industry leader since 2013.

Sensory deprivation products have come a long way since float tanks. Our float pods and float rooms are designed around the growing needs and demands of the customer and business owner. Our systems and technology are some of the best on the market!



Our experienced team will guide you though the entire process, starting with choosing the right product, helping with financing, answering technical questions, scheduling your shipping and install, training and much more.

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