InSPAration: Float Journal

Testimonials are a fantastic way to share what your clients have to say about floating—but the fresh experience may diminish in the time it takes guests to type a review or get on camera.

The most authentic, powerful comments your clients have to share might best be captured with something more immediate: such as a guest journal!

It seems anyone who enters a Float Pod® returns from their experience more a poet; having shed what weighed them down they emerge feeling great and, it would seem, closer to their own wisdom.

Providing a journal for guests allows them a close-at-hand place to reflect and write through their experience; a safe place to anonymously share and take time to really tune into just how much lighter they feel.

In today’s rushing world if we don’t carve out ways and pockets of time in which we stop and notice how we are, we might just plow right on to the next thing.

With more awareness of how they’re feeling post-float, clients are more apt to see the benefits of their floats sooner!

Your float journal also serves as inspiration, support and encouragement to future clients who will undoubtedly flip through its pages.

First time clients can discover just the comment they need to assure them that flotation is powerful, and an experience that deepens and transforms—if they decide to continue showing up for it.

Finally, there’s yet another advantage to providing a journal for your guests—excerpts taken from your Guest Float Journal can make great, genuine content for sharing to social media posts and mini-testimonials.

Consider enhancing your already reflective and transformational business with tools to help clients dive deeper into their experience.

A float journal is a beneficial and inspiring way to do so, while allowing your team yet another means of remaining constantly inspired in this incredibly healing line of work.

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