Chromotherapy: The Light Looks Good.

color-wheelSeveral ancient cultures, including the Chinese and Egyptians, practiced a healing method known as Chromotherapy, or light therapy. The therapy is still practiced by some today, typically by applying lights of specific colors to the body.

Proponents of Chromotherapy believe in using lights of different colors, and that the use of these colors can positively impact our health and wellbeing by working to rebalance us on an energetic level.

Many sources have indicated that different colors have positive effects on our wellbeing and feelings. Whether decorating a home or choosing an outfit, it’s been said time and time again that certain colors spark different moods and feelings.

Why should your floats be any different? The Float Pod® features a multi-color LED, allowing you to experiment with these concepts of color for yourself.

How might the spectrum of colors impact us? Below is a summary of some of the common uses of each color as traditionally practiced in Chromotherapy.

Warm Colors

Those colors with a warm hue, such as red, orange and yellow are typically regarded as more stimulating:

A color of vigor and fire, red has been thought to increase circulation and improve anemia while also stimulating both mind and body.


Thought to improve one’s mood, stimulate energy levels and assist in digestion; orange is also associated with the lungs.

Thought to strengthen the nervous system and stimulate the glandular and lymphatic systems, while also helping to purify the body.

Cool Colors

Those colors with a cooler hue, such a green, blue, indigo and violet are typically regarded as soothing and relaxing:

Thought to improve bronchitis, joint inflammation and other respiratory ailments, while also improving concentration.


Is correlated with having a positive influence on pain. Blue is regarded as a very calming color and is often used with the intention to soothe migraine headaches and stomach pain.

Another soothing hue, indigo is thought to improve eye and ear conditions, while also having a positive psychological effect.

Is believed to assist the body’s muscles, organs and nervous system in relaxing. It is also thought to have a healthy impact on the spleen and the lymphatic system.

Our moods are always changing, day to day—luckily the Float Pod comes standard with a multi-color LED—so you can choose the color to best suit you in the moment.

Or, if you can’t seem to choose, you can always select the gentle or more fast-paced strobing effect to experience them all.

Regardless of the color you choose, plain and simple: the light looks good.

Whether you embrace the ideas of Chromotherapy, simply enjoy picking what color feels best to you, or choose to float in darkness—your floats and their ambiance are yours to create with this colorful feature.

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